NXT BLD 2022 conference

NXT BLD 2022 will feature a two stream conference and a wide range of topics, including digital fabrication, visualisation, artificial intelligence, robots, generative design, VR, reality modelling and lots more.

There will be presentations from in-practice R&D, university research, new software firms, industry thought leaders and speakers from parallel industries, providing lessons from design and fabrication.

Michael Marks will present at NXT BLD this year. Marks is an American businessman, investor and entrepreneur, and is possibly best known as co-founder of unicorn off-site construction firm, Katerra. Formerly he was CEO at Flextronics (now called Flex) a huge electronics contract manufacturer, which has expertise in supply chain logistics. He was even interim CEO at Tesla! He has a passion for the AEC industry, and has a number of new companies in the offing.

Marks will share some of what he has learnt from his adventures in large-scale manufacturing. Looking at past, present and future, he will analyse technology’s role in supporting the needs of the industry and how modular and prefabrication can deliver constructed buildings in weeks, as opposed to months.

Greg Schleusner, principal / director of design technology at HOK, will return to build on his 2021 talk and on the topics covered in AEC Magazine’s recent ‘BIM is bust’ article

Last year, he presented analysis and some potential solutions. This year we will see actual proofs of concept, which HOK has undertaken to deliver on the vision of open collaborative work between mixed tools, while taking advantage of existing technologies. This work is to spawn a larger collaboration between leading AEC firms to jointly develop missing industry solutions.

Richard Harpham, VP at Slate Technologies, together with Skanska, will explore the benefits of deploying AI on structured and unstructured data, in complex construction projects.

Samuel Leder, research associate, Institute for Computational Design (ICD) Stuttgart, will share the latest on his unique research into collaborative, autonomous multirobot systems which integrate the design and construction phases of architecture into one process. The robots not only pick and place structural members but also pick and place each other, to complete the next task in the process. It’s an ingenious concept. This video was the state of its development back in 2019. We can’t wait to get an update.

This is just a small selection of the inspirational speakers we have lined up this year.

More details will be added in the coming weeks.

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