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Pointfuse ‘Bridges the gap between Reality Capture and & Digital Construction’, automatically converting point cloud data from laser scanners or photogrammetry into intelligent ‘as-built’ mesh models that can be classified and used throughout the BIM environment.

Pointfuse has pioneered new techniques to rapidly process vast point cloud datasets into intelligent and easy to handle mesh models. This innovation will allow important ‘as built’ models to be easily incorporated into BIM workflows managed with seamless cloud services that connect the entire construction project lifecycle.

Unique to the Pointfuse process, is the automatic segmentation of the mesh into discrete, selectable surfaces, which is achieved by identifying objects based on their geometry, and assigning unique identifiers to them. Removing the human aspect of the modelling process eliminates a significant bottleneck, while also removing any chance of subjectiveness, producing the same result over and over again. This makes Pointfuse models repeatable and directly comparable, ideal characteristics for accurate project validation.


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