Brian Ringley

Boston Dynamics

Construction technologist

Speaker //
Exploring the use of autonomous robots in construction

Robots in construction have the potential to enhance field-oriented workflows, reduce the amount of rework, and facilitate on-site tasks. Utilising robots for routine tasks in hazardous environments such as construction sites can improve safety, efficiency, and data capture consistency.

Trimble and Boston Dynamics announced an exclusive alliance agreement for Trimble to be the sole integration partner for construction data collection technologies, including 3D laser scanning, GNSS, and robotic total stations with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot.

With a focus on building construction and civil construction workflows, Trimble and Boston Dynamics will introduce new products and services to advance the use of robotics in the construction industry.

Brian Ringley is a construction technologist at Boston Dynamics where he manages Spot autonomy product development for dynamic sensing in changing environments like construction sites. Before coming to Boston Dynamics, he was a construction automation researcher in commercial real estate where he piloted emerging construction robotics products and stood up a factory for the industrialized construction of office space.


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