Conor Black


Associate Computational Design Engineer

Speaker //
Post Parametric Design

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Conor Black is an Associate Computational Design Engineer at Arup, specialising in computational techniques to simulation and generation of the built environment at all scales.

Conor is part of the intensely deep technical knowledge Arup’s most advanced cohort of specialists, with extensive international experience working with leading architectural practices on cultural, commercial and infrastructure buildings, Conor works at the development of more sustainable, experience-driven designs through the use of data-driven computation & simulation.

Conor enjoys challenging current as well as future design practice, and believes that computational optimisation is long due a step change in approach for pushing the boundaries of how we design for better, more sustainable outcomes.

Post Parametric Design

Conor challenges the very way we design alongside computers,  in order to unshackle design of the built environment from the grips of automation. He will talk about quantifying experience and truly generative design.


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