Emma Hooper

Bond Bryan Digital

Associate Director, Head of R&D

Speaker //
"It's a model, Jim, but not as we know it": Information models and the future of IFC

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Emma is an Associate Director and Head of R&D at Bond Bryan Digital, for her day job she works as an information manager on projects both client and contractor side but also creating information management strategies within organisations. She is fascinated by the science of information and how it can be applied to the built environment. She takes her in-depth knowledge of software and its interoperability and combines this with her understanding of industry standards and the theory behind them.

From a software perspective she is an Autodesk Revit certified professional, she co-authored the book “Delivering Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) using Autodesk Revit” and is a former Revit gunslinger. She also authored the Bond Bryan Digital Revit to IFC blog series.

She is now part of the BSI B/555 standards committee including UK expert for ISO 16739 (IFC), an author of the ISO 19650 guidance, an ambassador for the UK BIM Alliance and part of the buildingSMART UK & Ireland committee. She recently became one of the first people to gain COBie certified professional status and is working for the Government & Industry Interoperability Group (GIIG) to improve interoperability within the UK.

Her push is to now use her experience and knowledge to make construction projects more efficient in terms of information management, by joining up the dots between people, process and technology to enable true collaboration with an emphasis on openBIM principles.

Presentation content:

“It’s a model, Jim, but not as we know it”: Information models and the future of IFC

Over the past 15 years we have created a huge number of standards, concepts and acronyms which all interlink and overlap. The presentation will explore how we can start to bring this together using the idea of data models, with a focus on IFC to form a foundational ‘information layer’ which technology plugs into.

The presentation will then explore the future, including where this way of thinking could take us to optimise connected data, allowing us to gain the most amount of value from our information.


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