Mollie Claypool

Automated Architecture

Director of Automated Architecture

Speaker //

Mollie Claypool is Director of Automated Architecture Ltd (AUAR), a design and technology startup based in Bristol and London. AUAR has worked with companies such as Epic Games, SPACE10, Knowle West Media Centre and others developing work on collaborative construction, accessible design software, large-scale additive manufacturing, novel MMC systems and the future of labour in an age of automation.

She is also Co-Director of Design Computation Lab at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL and was a 2019 Fellow in Automation in the South West Creative Technology Network. Mollie was trained as an architect at Pratt Institute in New York, studied architectural theory at the AA in London and is a PhD candidate at The Bartlett. Her work has been published widely and she regularly gives lectures in the UK and internationally on the topics of computation and automation in architecture.


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