Paul Jeffries


Computational Design Director

Speaker //
The next generation: generative design in practice

In this presentation, Paul will give an overview of the generative design research undertaken by Ramboll over the last few years, along the way addressing the popular misconceptions, the applications to real-world design problems, the lessons learned, and how this has fed into the development of Ramboll’s in-house concept design software, SiteSolve.

Paul is a Chartered Engineer and Computational Design specialist with over ten years of experience, particularly on projects involving unusual and innovative structural forms. As Computational Design Director at Ramboll he is responsible for pushing forward the use of the computer as a design tool. He is passionate about leveraging computing power to enable new and more efficient approaches to design and to that end both develops custom software design technology and applies it to solve real design problems. He is a recognised expert in the field, teaching courses on the subject at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Imperial College London and The UCL Bartlett School of Architecture. Paul is also the co-founder and technical lead of SiteSolve, Ramboll’s generative design product for early stage residential massing optioneering.



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