Samuel Leder

University of Stuttgart

Research Associate

Speaker //
Architecture-Specific Distributed Robotic Systems

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Samuel Leder is a doctoral candidate and research associate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart. Originally from Montclair, New Jersey, he holds a Bachelor of Design in Architecture as well as a Bachelors of Applied Science in Systems Science and Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He received a Masters in Science in Architecture through the Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) program at the University of Stuttgart. During which he was a recipient of both German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Deutschlandstipendium. His Master’s thesis together with Ramon Weber was awarded a sonderpreis through the Hochschulpreis Holzbau 2019. Sam also previously worked as an architect at Lbgo Architekten in Munich, Germany.

Sam’s current research is interested in the co-design of bespoke collective robotic construction systems. His work explores how systems of minimal machines can create complex spatial structures with specific emphasis on methods for designing structures with such systems.

Presentation content:
Architecture-Specific Distributed Robotic Systems

This talk will give insights on multidisciplinary research that explores autonomous construction using distributed robotic systems. Distributed robotic refers to a large number of small, agile construction robots that can produce complex, functionally adapted assemblies from individual parts in highly parallel processes. This represents a fundamentally different approach than the current trends towards the automation of individual pre-digital construction machines. As such the application of distributed robotics systems on construction sites, where the machines required can fit in a suitcase, would require a shift in the current state of building construction. This talk discusses this shift through the presentation of ongoing research on the development of a specific distributed robotic system. This system is composed of team of single-axis robots which leverage timber struts for locomotion, material manipulation and in turn the assembly of architectural structures.


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