Adam Davis

Deputy Head of Applied R+D
Foster + Partners

Adam is Deputy Head of Applied R+D at Foster + Partners. His background as an artist and software developer informs his work. Engaging with complex building and masterplan projects he has trained computers to anticipate design decisions; deployed a city-scale acoustic sensor network; and created a system for real-time exchange of data across disciplines, locations and design applications. He is currently delivering innovative smart building and digital twin technologies for the practice. Adam studied Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and Computational Design at University College London. He joined Foster + Partners in 2006.

Presentation Content:

Data has become the currency of the modern society. It is, in many ways, the most abundantly generated product of the 21st century. Every single action in our life is underscored by the production of data that is being mined and used in a variety of ways – and the AEC will be no different.

There is a huge amount of data produced during the design, construction and operation of the built environment. The question is how can we collect, organize and process it across disciplines in a meaningful manner? Foster + Partners’ Applied R+D group will discuss all the technological advancements that are allowing us to produce the data that not only drives our design decisions and enhances collaboration, but can also be harnessed and leveraged to optimize the future of the AEC.



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