Adam Ward

Adam Ward


Adam is CTO at Spacegroup and responsible for the development and thinking behind many of the platforms and technologies developed internally for the group and externally for 3rd party companies.


Architectural Alchemy – A platform approach for automating the design and manufacture of bespoke housing

A demonstration of the online design to fabrication platform, built for Travis Perkings, and Tophat Homes. This innovative platform empowers property Developers to design and configure multiple houses directly in a web browser. Users can place these houses on sites and, within minutes, generate comprehensive construction drawings, schedules, and detailed Bills of Materials (BOM) that include costs and product codes, dynamically sourced from the Travis Perkins merchant database. We will show how we have taken this innovation platform a step further for TopHat homes by not only automation the construction information, but by also controlling the KUKA robotics that drive the factory without any human intervention.
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