Akshay Sethi


With an emphasis on transformative experiences, architects are looked upon to craft more meaningful spaces in the buildings they design. Up until now, digital tools could portray how an idea would look, but how an environment feels were left to the imagination. Color, materials, scale and daylighting in renderings are no more than an illustrative approximation. At best, the outcome meets these expectations but most of the time, the finished product was somehow different than when first conceived. With so much at stake when designing buildings of any scale, owners and architects alike can ill afford to leave success to chance. In leveraging the latest visualisation, simulation and VR technology, architects have increasingly more tools in their arsenal to communicate the certainty of their conceptual ideas through immersive means.

Join Philippe Paré, AIA, Principal and Akshay Sethi, Associate at Gensler, as they share how these technologies are changing how buildings are designed and why game-changing projects, such as the highly-anticipated NVIDIA Headquarters, are only possible by embracing technological innovation.

An associate based in Gensler’s London office, Akshay is an innovate architect with a wide range of experience on projects of all sizes and typologies. He has worked on projects ranging from skyscrapers in the Middle East to residential developments in West London. With strong leadership and client building skills, Akshay has established himself as one of the emerging leaders of the studio.

With a constant desire to innovate, Akshay has pursued the integration of emerging technologies, in Virtual and Augmented reality, within the architectural design and presentation process.


Seeing is believing: using game-changing tools to discover the soul of design

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