Dipa Joshi

Director of Assael Architecture
Assael Architecture

Talk Abstract:
At the moment, the built environment is ripe for disruption and there are plenty of emerging technologies
queuing up to get a piece of the action. Like any new emerging space, there are some technologies which will
have a lasting effect on shaping the urban landscape. Among these, the use of BIM, VR, IOT and modular
technology in the design and management of housing and infrastructure, is creating smart cities around the
world. As we start to grow and sculpt these digital cities, we also must be vigilant about the way we use
technology and who is in control of it.

Dipa Joshi is a director of Assael Architecture and as worked in the industry for over 20 years’ in a range of
sectors, including residential, commercial and acoustics. Throughout her career, Dipa has worked in many
mixed-use regeneration schemes, creating and delivering sustainable, diverse communities with social value.
Her extensive experience in designing Build to Rent schemes contributed to the ULI’s widely acclaimed ‘Build
to Rent: A Best Practice Guide’.
In 2017, Dipa was appointed as one of the Mayor of London’s Design Advocates tasked with bringing forward
Sadiq Khan’s Good Growth by Design programme.
Beyond the practice, Dipa has worked on secondment as a programme manager for the London Borough of

Brent in their Regeneration Team and sat on their Design Review Panel. Dipa is also a Future of London
Mentor and a Board Member of the Catalyst Gateway Housing Charitable Trust.


Smart cities & emerging technologies: Cutting through the noise

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