Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt

Director of Applied Technologies
Fulcro Group

Talk Abstract:
This talk will demonstrate how making the most of VR and AR technologies is now possible, but how the disconnect between hardware and software has slowed the adoption of Immersive Visualisation in the construction sector. With practical examples and ROI’s linked to VR’s use in construction; Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt, Director of Applied Technologies for Fulcro Group, will show you how VR and AR can help you and your clients understand their building projects whilst improving project outcomes.

Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt is Director of Applied Technologies at Fulcro Group. With experience in Computer Science, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities as well as Robotics, Max moved to the construction sector 5 years ago to develop turnkey visualisation solutions. Working directly with major infrastructure projects and academic institutions, Max’s skills enable Fulcro to develop fully integrated BIM workflow solutions that link ‘Siloed Data’, enabling project integration with visualisations.

Max helped develop and launch the first ‘BIM CAVE’ designed for use in the Construction Sector, the FULmax CUBE and works with clients and building owners to understand their digital models through life-size immersive visualisation, and helps teams collaborate across the globe. Max’s work won the prestigious CIOB Innovation & Research Award in 2014. Recent collaboration with Microsoft Research has pushed forward the use of Holographic technology in the AEC sector. Max joined Fulcro to develop next generation technology and software specifically for BIM workflows and understanding of complex datasets found within construction projects, from small housing projects to multi-billion-pound infrastructure projects. As an active ‘Thought Leader’ on social media, Max is always happy to talk tech, discuss challenges and ‘geek out’ when the chance arises, so look out for him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


VR and AR visualisation of BIM data: Changes in tech over the last 10 years

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