Greg Schleusner

Greg Schleusner

Principal/Director of Design Technology

Greg Schleusner AIA, is a Principal/Director of Design Technology at HOK. In this role he is responsible for managing the firm’s software development efforts, implementing new technology solutions and partnering with collaboratively minded companies to solve ongoing challenges in AEC.

Greg leads technical efforts within buildingSMART International as a co-chair of the Technical Room. He is currently working to organize AEC member firms to help develop new solutions, both open source and via commercial technologies. Greg has an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and a Master’s in Technology Management from Columbia.


Building the Foundation

The industry needs a data bridge, to get data out of the many applications it uses. Greg Schleusner will illustrate how we need to start with the Foundation. If we take the good ideas from USD in the VFX world, we can preserve the data and enable the ability to work across many new tools and not necessarily have them fight to replace each other. Geometry is only one part of that data jigsaw. APIs are the Future, but they also will bring an end to the flexibility of files and rely on vendors being truly open to access, even from competitors. Schleusner argues the Foundation of the Bridge needs to bring all the knowledge we produce together, not lock it away. We don’t need a new file format, we need a new way of assembling knowledge, in a machine interoperable way
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