Jeremy Tully

Senior Director of Digital Transformation for the Fab Construction Enterprise
Intel Corporation

Jeremy Tully is Senior Director of Digital Transformation for the Fab Construction Enterprise for Intel Corporation.  During his 24-year career at Intel, Jeremy has succeeded with a people first approach to leadership.  He has a passion for building teams of high performing leaders that feel safe to think big and take risks through strategy, planning and disciplined execution.  Driven by innovation, his team is instrumental in enabling Intel’s unprecedented construction roadmap for semiconductor manufacturing facilities which are among the most complex projects in the world.  Jeremy started his Intel career in finance after receiving his MBA from Indiana University.


Increasing manufacturing capacity is a pillar to Intel’s foundry strategy for advanced semiconductors.  Our recent project announcements have created an unprecedented construction roadmap that surpasses all prior benchmarks.  The sheer amount of data produced on these mega projects overwhelms traditional project teams and tools and requires new digital capabilities. Such a roadmap demands innovating on all fronts to drive productivity and ensure a predictable delivery of the project.  Some of the innovative strategies being deployed to improve productivity are the deployment of AI solutions, Digital Twins and the shift towards a data centric design and engineeringworkflow to enable more efficient down-stream construction execution. These capabilities are being developed and deployed for greenfield and brownfields and these strategies demand digital tools and digital workflows to be successful. During our talk we will share some of the challenges of building multiple mega-projects in parallel and how we are breaking old paradigms to ensure we can meet the demand for semiconductors to power the worlds innovations.
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