Marc Goldman

Director - AEC Industry Solutions

I am a technically oriented team leader known for defining & delivering strategic and innovative software solutions. Having worked at large and small organizations serving these segments, I excel at leading technical teams to successfully develop powerful desktop & SaaS solutions. Adept at growing and scaling organizations to define, design, develop & deliver complex cloud & traditional software applications and platforms. My colleagues and peers know I am excellent at strategizing, product planning, product management, UI / UX, marketing & building strong relationships with engineering teams, marketing & sales organizations. Recognized as a global industry expert with international experience pushing through digital transformations, I am an expert at positioning & messaging one-on-one or with groups as large as 5000 by communicating in terms and categories customers understand. I possess a unique depth and breadth of technology and product leadership skills in architecture, engineering, construction, CAD, BIM and building product manufacturing. My background combines a deep understanding of the tools, technologies and solution architectures related to the use and development of 3D technologies on desktop, browser & mobile environments. Team members and staff have described me as a ”Post-heroic leader” and a ”caring team leader” with global experience and a deep network of industry experts.



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