Marty Rozmanith

Marty Rozmanith

Chief Technology Officer
Skema, Inc.

Marty Rozmanith is an entrepreneur and building design/construct professional with a 30+ year career in transforming the building industry. As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Skema, Marty leads the team developing the Skema Software Suite, the world’s first BIM Knowledge Reuse Engine.

Marty’s career is a solid mix of technology startups and global software behemoths that give him a unique perspective on the AEC industry. Prior to joining Skema, Marty spent ten years at Dassault Systemes as Global Sales Director and Strategy Director for AEC. Marty is best known for his role leading the requirements team for the Revit product (acquired by Autodesk). His work applying modular approaches and digital twins in AEC has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine and other professional journals. Marty holds a Bachelors of Architectural Engineering (BAE) from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University.


BIM BOM BOOM: A roadmap to deliver profitable productized construction

Despite a decade of immense investment in both North America and Europe, new companies driving industrialized construction have struggled to achieve stable, profitable businesses. This session asserts that many of the current approaches for ‘Engineer-to-order construction’ are broken, and new design tools alone won’t fix it. Simply moving to productized construction by transforming BIM to DFMA has promised to be the answer. From his experiences in companies like Dassault Systemes, Marty will share examples from manufacturing that have already productized some elements of a building that we might learn from. He will explore how LOD 200 splits and goes to LOD 300 and LOD 400 along different parallel paths, with examples from leading Architectural and Engineering firms integrating new solutions like Skema with other emerging solutions to unitize early schematic design, such that better early decisions can be made to accelerate our ability to industrialize building delivery.
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