Michael Drobnik

Michael Drobnik

Associate, Lead Design Technologies
Herzog & de Meuron

Michael Drobnik joined Herzog & de Meuron as BIM Manager in 2014 and was appointed an Associate in 2020. Michael leads the multidisciplinary and global Design Technologies (DT) Team, that supports architectural projects with digital methods and tools ranging from BIM, Computational Design, Visuals and Animations to the Analogue/Digital Workshop. Over the years Michael and his team have brought research initiatives like XR, custom Early Design Tools or Sustainability and Performance Simulations into daily practice.

Michael received his architecture degree in 2007 from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the TH Karlsruhe, Germany, having already gained practical experience in Amsterdam, New York, and Munich. From 2011 – 2014, Michael taught at the Chair for Architectural Informatics at the TU Munich in the field of Computational Design. Michael worked as a commission member and lecturer for the CAS ARC Digital at the ETH Zürich and has published articles for ARCH+, TEC21 and in the publication “The BIM Manager”.

Presentation content:
Towards Sustainble Design Technologies

The beginnings of Design Technologies at HdM implied mainly the development of custom project-specific solutions, meaning Computational Design. With the rise of new Services, focus on data and many other topics we felt the urge for more generic, flexible and scalable solutions. Michael will guide you through some developments, ideas and challenges of the industry that shape our DT practice.


Towards Sustainble Design Technologies

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