Rob Charlton

Space Group

As an industry, we’ve been talking about BIM and new digital construction methods for some years now, therefore it is time to look beyond the possible and embrace future-thinking and advancing technologies for what they can bring to our industry.

Since construction started its transition to digital, there has been a growing question; what can we achieve using the data we have collected and can this data transform how we work on a day-to-day basis. Given that data is at the centre of Artificial Intelligence (AI), can it realistically provide an opportunity for our industry.

In this talk I’ll give a critical review of current digital construction technologies, together with predictions on emerging AI technologies and how they will transform current building methods and revolutionise project planning, management and delivery.

In the past decade, we have seen a major shift in how we build, these new methods of construction are streamlining projects to client and contractor advantages, enhancing the life-cycle of our assets. And a key area of discovery has been AI, however we are far behind other industries and have only just scratched the surface of its capabilities, therefore we have a long and exciting transformative journey ahead of us.

Rob is Chief Executive of Space Group which includes Space Architects, BIM.Technologies and bimstore.

Rob is passionate about improving value and performance of buildings and how technology can be used positively in design construction and operation. His approach is first and foremost a practical one. He has operated as an architect for over 20 years and brings this knowledge and experience to the strategic direction of each business within the group.

He initially became interested in 3D parametric software in the late 1990s and helped Space Architects to become one of the first architectural practices in the UK to work solely in 3D.




The positive impact of accelerating technologies

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