Sean Young

AEC and Geospatial

Sean leads AEC and Geospatial industry marketing strategy at NVIDIA, where he is focused on helping customers and partners accelerate their Al solutions. Sean has 25 years of 3D visualization and simulation experience in AEC, Automotive, and Manufacturing. He has been deeply involved in software and hardware technologies that shaped the AEC visualization industry.
Prior to his current role Sean led Omniverse sales at NVIDIA, AEC business development at HP, and 3ds Max product management at Autodesk.


Preparing for Al in AECO

Al is poised to transform the AEC industry with the promise of eliminating tedious processes and boosting productivity. In this talk, we will explore Al solutions for Conceptual Design, Design Compliance, and Construction. In doing so we will cover the basics of Al - including Al Training, Fine Tuning, RAG, Inference, Generative Al, Data Science, and NeRF. We will also briefly discuss the use of a Digital Twin for aggregating Al data, training synthetic data, and simulating projects before deployment in the real world.
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