Senthil Kumar

CTO, head of AI
Slate Technologies

Senthil Kumar is the CTO and head of AI at Slate Technologies where he heads a global technology organization focused on delivering the most modern software and technology approaches to leverage data across building production. Senthil is a Technology Executive with over 2 decades of advanced technology creation under his direction across Global entities. He helped pioneer multiple technological endeavors of our time that have won wide acclaim. Be it advancements in A.I, Blockchain, Edge, Cloud computing, Metaverse, IIOT, swarm robotics, system autonomy, and Big Data computing, he has his fair share of contributions. He helped formulate solutions for a wide spectrum of Industries Globally spanning, Autonomous Vehicles, Fintech, Smart Buildings and cities, Geospatial Engineering, Insurance, Health care, and Medicine. Intimately involved in evolving Industry standards, helped the EU in developing their A. I standards and part of industry think tanks and on the advisory Boards of well-known Academia and Startups. His work has been cited in the wall street journal and other publications of repute. His work has also been recognized with a number of commendations, the recent one being the World Economic Forum recognizing his work as a pioneer in the field of A.I.

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The Future We Aspire to Build

There are modern marvels of technology that will form the foundation and pillars upon which the future will be built. That much we are sure. I am here to share a few thoughts and my personal experiences on how advancements in modern technologies be it AI sophistications: Generative, Predictive or otherwise, Metaverse, Web 3.0, Digital Twins, Edge Computing, Decision Autonomy are helping power newer Construction solutions, and empower modern methods of construction, be it a Smart Building or a Smarter City or a better Planet that we envision. These enablers will help us see afar and build bridges to the future physically and metaphorically for this generation and the next.

We are experiencing a seminal moment in the evolution of computational science. Intelligence Real and Artificial and Human, Machine convergence. With such promises, A vision for the future has the allure of grandeur and a disregard for the world of impossibilities.

In this session, I will go over some of the challenges, the solutions, avenues to watch out for, and a vision for the future fueled by these empowering technologies.


The Future We Aspire to Build

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