Synopsis: In this session, we will share the importance of learning to progress technology in an ever-changing world.  People learn in a variety of ways, and different types of learners utilize different approaches to digesting knowledge.

Through catering to different learning styles, and curating content to specified personas, people and business can proactively expedite the learning process and move to technological advancement at new levels.  We will discuss the need for humans to innovate, and the importance of utilizing the right tools at the right times to do so, to impact change in the world.  We will share how Pluralsight address the needs of these different learners and how we have innovated tools over the past few years to help learners in that journey for Designers and Engineers.
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Biography: Andy Rahden is a leader in the Creative, Design, and Engineering industry.  Andy is focused leading efforts to enable others to reach their potential through learning.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and loves spending time learning about technology, automobiles, and boating.
Andy is the Vice President of Pluralsight’s Creative, Design, and Engineerings business.  Pluralsight is innovating the way technology professionals learn and provides over 5,500 courses, learning paths, assessments and other learning tools focused on skilling-up its million plus subscribers focused on Manufacturing, AEC, Film, Games, Marketing, Design, Creative, Development and IT professional content.

Andy previously worked at Autodesk in a variety of leadership positions focused on Autodesk’s worldwide technical specialists efforts.  Prior to Autodesk, Andy worked for the largest SolidWorks reseller, where he provided in person training, worked with customers on implementation, and provided guidance to companies transforming their design process.  Andy also worked for Baker Hughes where he worked as a Mechanical Engineer, designer, and mechanical stress analysts.
Over the past two decades Andy has had the privilege to be mentored by the most respected manufacturing, design & engineering thought leaders and has been working with top industry professionals focused on creative design and marketing.  Andy is passionate about democratizing technology learning to advance the pace of change, and is excited to be a part of the future of innovation.

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