Talk Abstract:

The techniques Facit Homes has developed overcome a set of problems that are associated with modernising methods of traditional house building at a small scale.  The homes Facit builds are on individual plots and often complex. This requires high level of understanding of our systems, products and processes – knowledge that only exists in our London HQ.
Each project is relatively low value and can be several hours away so there is limited opportunity for our staff to be on site for more than an hour or so at a time.  Each home needs new locally recruited site management and labour, who have no knowledge of our specific high tech product. How can we use technology to overcome these limitations and deliver consistency with new staff over long distances?

BIM to Manufacture – industrial designers working side by site architects.
Digitally manufactured big wooden ‘lego’ –  designed for assembly
Chassis concept – highly detailed, for minimal on site ‘thinking’.
Spacial data capture – on daily basis.

On site manufacturing – on demand production low cost
Off site production – high output
Internal Wiki – site
Google Hangout streams – rather than phone calls for team awareness.
Wifi Cameras – for real time reporting/ remote management.

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