VR is here and the buzz has been substantial. It’s also affordable. This raises many questions. Is it something that you should be using? Are others using it, is it just a gimmick? How do I use it? Perhaps most importantly. Why should I be using it?

There are many challenges including the fact that technology is moving fast, there are lots of choices of hardware, software etc so it can seem a little bewildering as to what solution to use or what hardware to buy. There are also challenges to adoption within practices with often younger staff keen to experiment and those longer serving members more skeptical or concerned that is really a distraction from the real business of design.

The question that supercedes any of the others is: how can Virtual Reality and Realtime technologies generate value within a design business?

Dan joined Cityscape at the beginning of 2003 as a software developer and became CEO in 2005 after turning around the company. As CEO, he led the commercial strategy and oversaw substantial growth in the team, creating a strong market position in CGI for property. In 2008, he negotiated the sale of Cityscape’s first VR / Realtime project, which benchmarked the future potential of these technologies. In 2015, he led a management buy-out and since then continued to drive a diversification of business activities including research and investment into the commercial applications of VR in real estate.

He has a particular focus on thought leadership and modelling commercial strategies based on process innovation, created through the use of VR and related technologies.

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