How will humans and robots interact in our living environment? How will this relationship succeed in a daily routine that simplifies all the aspects of our everyday life?

Roboticore is a thesis, an exercise of imagination of how the building of the future will be. With the irruption of the robots in the industry and the development of machine learning, Roboticore rethinks the architecture from the site-management to the construction, until the maintenance of the building, shaping the design to allow the robots to build, maintain and learn, coexisting with us, human beings, in a “”natural”” environment.

But how do we communicate with robots? BIM is the language, the digitalization of every single piece of the building and its relationship with its environment will be the starting point of this challenge, and what BIM 9D can be.

If the next step of our evolution is AI, we must start to think about how to design spaces, to allow humans and robots to live together.

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