Giovanni Petrone received a B.Sc. Degree (with honours) in Aerospace Engineering in 2006 and a M.Sc. Degree (with honours and honorable mention) in Aero & Astro Engineering in 2008 from the “University of Naples, Federico II” (ITALY). In 2010 Mr. Petrone received a M.B.A. (Master in Business Administration) from the “LUISS business school” of Rome (ITALY) and “ESSEC business school” of Paris (FRANCE). In 2012 Mr Petrone also received a Ph.D. from “Stanford University” (USA) and the “University of Naples, Federico II” (ITALY) after a research study on optimisation under uncertainty and CFD at NASA Center for Turbulence Research (CTR) of Stanford University. Mr. Petrone is a member of the Aerospace, Automotive and Turbo CFD team in ANSYS (Sheffield, UK).

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