The AEC sector accounts for 40% of all global carbon emissions and creates an estimated one-third of the world’s overall waste. To this day, it is one of the most most archaic and polluting industries. Digital design tools, combined with digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and recyclable materials, can break this age-old paradigm and can give people worldwide direct access to sustainable spatial solutions: smart, beautiful, affordable, and on-demand.

Aectual is the World’s first global platform for made-to-measure interior and architectural products made in a 100% circular manner by help of advanced manufacturing. They collaborate with known architects and designers, and create fully recyclable architectural features such as furniture, finishes and facades. In this keynote, Co-founder Hedwig Heinsman will show how Aectuals parametric design products combined with Advanced Manufacturing can lead to a new ‘democratization’ of interior and architectural design and smarter (re-)use of resources.

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