Talk Abstract:
Design-driven Tech Company Aectual envisions a future where building products are 3D printed in a sustainable and circular manner. Co-founder Hedwig Heinsman will reveal parts of Aectual’s bespoke technology that enables the production of 3D printed building products on an industrial scale. Aectual currently delivers 3D printed floors, facades, 3d printed mold work, and even small printed homes. By showcasing these, Hedwig will explain about the importance of managing the entire supply chain of 3D printed building products. This ranges from design to installment on site, and everything in between, touching on design software, robotic expertise, extrusion technology and material development.

Hedwig Heinsman is co-founder of DUS architects and 3D Print Tech company Aectual. She graduated Cum Laude from Delft Technical University and studied at Helsinki University of Technology. The work of DUS focuses on communities, unique design, and technological innovation. The office gained international fame with their 3D Print Canal House Project, which was even presented to by Barack Obama during his presidency. This 3D print research is now professionalized within start-up Aectual. With help of their state of the art robotic and software technology, Aectual develops smart printed building products that can be easily customized to any personal taste.

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