Our goal is to simplify the architectural design process. We want to give designers superpowers, to enable them to come up with better designs faster and to work with other people in a more intuitive way than possible before. Using Arkio designers can easily get together in a shared design workspace using VR headsets, PCs, tablets and phones to collaboratively explore and sketch new design ideas or present design options. Arkio integrates seamlessly into the design workflow, enabling users to import a Revit model, brainstorm new design ideas, then export back to Revit native geometry to continue the work.

In our session at NXTBLD last year we showed Arkio to the world for the very first time. Since then we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback from our beta users and have added a number of exciting new features. In this talk we will demonstrate the many advantages of using a collaborative design tool like Arkio to augment and speed up the current design process and showcase how design teams have used Arkio to stay connected and get work done with their clients even while working remotely.

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