Virtual Reality has the potential to change the way we interact and think about spatial design. It allows us to immerse ourselves in any historical, real or fictional places and enhances interaction with our digital 3D media. I will talk about the architectural use of design technologies and what ways we currently use emerging tech like Virtual Reality to engage our clients, users and colleagues with the space before anything gets built. I will discuss the major differences between using physical models, renders, animations or virtual simulations during the design process, and how technologies like BIM and VR might affect our design work and tools in the near future.

Johan is an architect who specialized in computational design and building information modeling for the global projects of Mecanoo architecten. Starting his career as an engineer in 2009 and finishing his architectural dual degree in 2013 he became a self-taught expert in a variety of design, visualization, authoring and scripting tools. Johan is actively developing and promoting automated workflows for emerging technologies like virtual reality, design script and web/cloud collaboration. He enjoys to push the limits of our design-tools by creating inspiring buildings and the methods that drive their design. He believes collaboration, teaching and sharing computational tools with other AEC professionals will lead to an enhanced creativity and quality of our built environment.

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