Synopsis: Manufacturers worldwide are embracing Agile Design processes to drive more speed and innovation. Agile Design emphasizes rapid iteration, collaboration, and flexibility over the rigidity and sequential processes of the past.

In this presentation, Jon Hirschtick, founder and CEO of Onshape, will discuss how full-cloud CAD uniquely supports Agile Design and highlight how leading manufacturers are using real-time deployment, real-time data management, and real-time analytics to significantly speed up their time to market.

Biography: Jon is a Founder and Chairman of the Board at Onshape. Jon holds a Bachelors and Masters from MIT, and has worked in CAD for over 30 years.

He was a Founder and CEO of SolidWorks, a group executive at Dassault Systemes, director of engineering at Computervision, manager at the MIT CADLab, a player and instructor on the MIT Blackjack team, and a professional magician. He serves on the Engineering Advisory Board at Boston University and as an advisor to Magic Leap, Inc. and MarkForged, Inc. His hobbies include golf, 3D printing, tennis, yoga, and magic.

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