Jon has been in the digital design industry for over 15 years.

Starting in games, with titles such as the Project Gotham Racing series under his belt, Jon moved on to movie Visual Effects and became a principal character artist at industry heavyweights Double Negative.

Now with credits including such movies as Total Recall, James Bond: Skyfall and Thor 2, Jon is recognised as being one of the fastest, most versatile artists in the studio.

His role requires he is able to fulfil a number of roles from 3D concepts to sculpting, modelling and texturing.

Jon is fresh to the world of 3D printing, using it to bring tangible models of his work to life, and rounding off a workflow that involves a wide number of digital 3D tools.

Jon has recently started up his own asset company, Inner-Freak, which has some incredible projects on the horizon.

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