Lisa has a background in Economics and worked in the G7 Economics team at Deutsche Bank AG before co-founding a number of companies ranging from real estate to consumer product distribution.

The Digital Forming team has developed an online customisation interface and platform (including both the software and the supply chain), which can be licensed to brands allowing them to ‘open up’ their product ranges to customisation in a way that has never been done before.

The idea builds upon customisation interfaces already seen in the market place, but in a way that is revolutionary, as it allows for a far greater means of customisation – in full 3D experience.

In addition, it acts as a consultancy for companies that are looking for a competitive edge through additive manufacturing technologies.

Lisa was recently voted one of the top 20 most influential individuals in the industry by the readers of TCT Magazine.

“Lisa Harouni is in the vanguard of a wave of entrepreneurs who want to make it easy for anyone to design and create bespoke products at the click of a button.” Wired UK

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