From personalized colorful toys, to industrial parts on-demand and custom-fit body implants, 3D printing continues to inspire. But have you ever gone through the actual steps to create 3D designs and produce parts with existing software? How many software hacks and tweaks do you have to do to assign colors, textures and multiple materials to your parts? There was a time when design was decoupled from production. Today this is not an option. Luis talks about the design challenges with 3D printing and how HP plans to address these.

BIO: Luis Baldez is the Software Strategy Program Manager for HP’s 3D printing business, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.
In this role Luis oversees all the execution of HP’s 3D printing software strategy, including new product developments, research projects and strategic partnerships with software companies around the globe. Luis is one of the pioneers of the 3D printing activities in HP, having worked as Chief Engineer for the HP Designjet 3D printer launched in 2010 and as Project Manager for the Multi Jet Fusion customer and technology investigations.
Previously Luis has held several engineering and management positions in the HP Large Format Printing R&D lab. He holds a BSc degree of Electronics Engineering from University of Brasilia, Brazil.

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