A mantra for new business innovation or a hackneyed phrase already relegated to the mouths of tired executives who wouldn’t know disruption if it came and biffed them on the nose? Mark will talk about why it’s important to disrupt your business model but more importantly to disrupt it with purpose. He promises not to mention: Airbnb, Uber or Spotify.

BIO: Mark Shayler is a founding partner of the Do Lectures, author of “Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it”, owner of sustainable innovation consultancy Ape and a failed rugby player. He’s saved his clients in excess of £120 million through thinking differently and has worked with the likes of Samsung, Coca Cola, Amazon, Mars, RS Components, and loads of great small businesses. In his spare time he makes smoked chilli sauce, keeps running ducks, makes sourdough bread, rides his bike and other middle-aged pursuits.

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