Talk Abstract:
The driving force behind any AEC workflow is a growing plethora of ISV software, advanced software tools, plug-ins and hardware accessories. Underpinning these is your IT hardware and ultimately the single most important piece of hardware you invest in. Lenovo are industry leaders in the design of professional workstations and Mike Leach will present on the key technology developments driving the workstation marketplace today, and more importantly how these will affect and impact your ultimate productivity and workflow. Learn what to look out for, where to invest your hard ££££ budgets and how to best configure your next workstation investment.

A graphics workstation & technology evangelist with over 15 years’ experience, Mike works as a senior product technologist for Lenovo UK. Specialising in the Lenovo ThinkStation & ThinkPad P Series products (and generally everything workstation), @MrWorkstationUK has seen the rise and fall of every major workstation technology trend since the 00’s. A proud father, geek, motorsport and fitness fanatic and general all-round super star.

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