3D content is growing rapidly in multiple industries. Search, however, remains mostly text based.

As a result, organizations find it increasingly difficult to utilize their existing designs.

Yowza is a 3D content search engine that is completely shape based. It empowers users and organizations to search their entire repositories of 3D content in real time. Yowza enables fast and intuitive model search that does not require exhausting categorization or tagging. Our approach to search of 3D content is based on:

(1) modeling of human perception of shape and similarity across multiple dimensions,

(2) object segmentation to identify the elements that each 3D model is built from, and

(3) high throughput indexing and processing of large data sets containing millions of models.

BIO: Co-founder and VP Product at Yowza. Former co-founder of Imagu Technologies – an image understanding company. Software developer and team leader at Compugen (NASDAQ: CEGEN) and a software engineer at Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX).

I hold a PhD and MSc in Computational Neurophysiology and a BSc in Computer Science and Physics.

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