Skanska has looked at how other industries, such as aerospace and automotive, have used VR & AR to help them solve everyday problems, from health and safety to design. Paul will explain how Skanska is utilising these technologies to influence behaviours on site and to assist its next generation of engineers in visualising their designs and for interaction and learning. Paul will also share how Skanska is testing the latest Mixed Reality tech and where it can be applied.

Paul has a worked for Skanska for 13 years, He has been the BIM Technical lead for his operating unit for 6 years. Appointed in Jan 2016 as Skanska Utilities BIM & Digital Engineering Manager, responsibilities include the implementation of BIM processes and systems across the operating unit and educating the future BIM users of it’s potential throughout the OU.

He has extensive experience in the in the electrical industry and has also worked and currently works with Water providers Including Thames Water, Anglian Water and Welsh Water.

Paul is also the chair of the Technology and Tools group for BIM4Rail, looking into the future uses of technologies and innovations for the rail industry with the aims of:

To complement the other BIM4RAIL groups currently EIR/AIR and LoD & Asset Classification.
To research, investigate, develop and learn current T&T best practice within the BIM Rail arena and produce technical documentation and guidance notes.
Collaborate with the software vendors to push for more efficient software packages, interoperability and data storage solutions such as cloud computing etc.
Act as working group and focal point for the Rail industry, where T&T technical issues can be discussed, addressed and disseminated to the wider network.

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