Paul Sagar, director of product management for PTC Creo, outlines some of the significant 3D CAD innovations that have been delivered in PTC Creo and some examples of its customers benefiting from its use.

The talks covers areas including interoperability across the concept-detailed design process; Creos breakthrough Multi-Cad capabilities through ‘Unite’ technology; as well as powerful direct modeling capabilities integrated into the parametric modeling environment.

Sagar also outlines the current areas of product design software innovation that PTC is actively engaged in, including improving the connection between 3D CAD and 3D printing, Augmented Reality, how 3D CAD can create greater value in the era of Smart, Connected Products and the concept of a ‘Digital Twin’.

In his current position within PTC, Sagar is responsible for overseeing the Creo Parametric product family, focusing on surfacing and industrial design.

Involved in product management at PTC for 7 years, he has most recently been working on the development of the sub-divisional modeling technology in Creo Freestyle.

Before joining PTC Sagar worked as a design engineer and managing director of a design consultancy in the UK, as well as at IBM for a number of years.

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