The products that we design today are radically different. They contain computing platforms, are connected to the internet and integrated with our lifestyles. Today’s designer must now cater to the digital world and consider the product experience beyond the product itself; products have become solutions to life’s problems, inefficiencies and opportunities. However, the process and practice of designing these products has not changed significantly in the past 25 years, until now. Designers have access to unprecedented amounts of information and new tools that can transform their practices and modernize the product design process. This talk covers the trends, technologies and tools that are making a positive impact on the design process and empowering the next generation of innovators.

BIO: Simon Floyd is the Director of Business Development & Strategy for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions in the Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Industry team at Microsoft. Simon is responsible for the overall solution strategy, vision and partner ecosystem to address current and future trends, business issues and opportunities. Prior to joining Microsoft, Simon held leadership roles in product strategy at Actify and Cadence Design Systems, designing software solutions for PLM. Additionally, Simon is responsible for innovations in automotive, banking and architectural products for global manufacturers, most notably James Hardie Industries, Air International and Ford Motor Company. Simon holds patents in enterprise software methods and residential solar electric power generation. He has also held several lecturing positions at Universities in Australia, teaching industrial design, innovation practices and digital 3D authoring.

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