Synopsis: Like it or not, the way we design, make, and use things is fundamentally changing. The tools we use to design are changing, as is access to them.

New manufacturing techniques and materials are hitting the market at record pace, and the very nature of products is shifting from standard to smart. This change is not something to be afraid of, it presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. In this session you’ll experience the future of making things firsthand and hear how others are embracing it.

Biography: Based in San Francisco, California, Hooper is responsible for building the next generation product innovation platform to support modern manufacturers in their journey to achieving closed-loop product development and smart manufacturing.

Stephen originally qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in the UK. Hooper joined Autodesk 18 years ago after spending time working for a UK-based industrial machinery manufacturer. He has since occupied a variety of leadership roles across sales, marketing and product development. His diverse experience within design and product development drives Stephen’s passion for the manufacturing business. He relishes the opportunity to work with high profile customers and partners as he defines the solutions that will enable manufacturers to realize the future of making things.

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