Sasha Crotty

AEC Design Data Team Lead

Sasha Crotty leads Autodesk’s AEC Design Data team, focused on building an open & extensible data platform connecting AECO teams in their tools of choice. Since joining Autodesk in 2005 has taken on multiple roles from writing code for Revit Structure to product management for the Revit platform & services. Sasha holds a BA in Architecture and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as an MBA from Boston University. In her spare time Sasha enjoys growing miniature orchids and traveling around the world.


A new future for AEC data: Autodesk’s AEC data model

The AEC industry’s existing information exchange workflows are broken and a new approach to data is essential, not just to fully realize the potential of AI, but to address today’s basic challenges around data accessibility and interoperability. Autodesk is introducing a new approach to data with the launch of our AEC data model, which delivers an open, extensible data framework that enables improved collaboration and better project outcomes for AECO stakeholders. This session will introduce the key tenants of the new capability, highlight how customers are already leveraging it to realize improved outcomes and share our vision for delivering data infrastructure of the future. With Virginia Senf.
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